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This is the weekly content of the course and a preview of the activities to be carried out during this trimester. For detailed lesson plans, please go to the Weekly Activities page.


Week / Date


Activities at a glance

1 : Sept 11 - 15

-Exemption exam



-Taking exemption exam and learning styles inventory (class 1)



2 : Sept 18 - 22


-Learning Styles inventory


-Wiki creation

–Reading tutorials on wiki creation

-Writing introductions and descriptions

-Reviewing Adjectives

- Introducing syllabus: objectives, activities, evaluation, methodology

-Registration in Moodle?


-Introducing web tools to be used


–Writing introductions in Moodle and adding photos (profile)


-Writing expectations for the course in a forum in Moodle.

-Creating a page in a wiki – Giving it a Title

-Designing a logo for wiki using groupboard, Think-Free (slides) or the Seal maker

-Writing an introduction for the wiki (describing the logo and explaining its concept)

-Recording introduction (what they wrote in their description in the wiki) using Mychingo

-Writing or recording comment to classmate

-Creating glossary in Moodle (new words learned)

3 : Sept 25 - 29

-Designing an advertisement related to their careers


-Recording an ad for the same product

-Looking at displayed ads in different online magazines


–Discussing about the content of an add


-Designing a displayed ad using online tools (text and images)


-Publishing ad in wiki


-Writing comments to classmates about their ads


-Listening to ads in podcasts


-Creating a podcast for an ad (can be the same product they announced in the written ad) using podomatic.


-Adding vocabulary to glossary in Moodle

4 : Oct 2 - 6

-Reading an article about architecture/urban planning (online magazines)


-Writing a summary


-Completing exercises with grammar found in articles

- Completing pre-reading activities


-Completing while reading activities


-Completing post-reading activities


–Writting a summary


-Recording summary using Podomatic


-Adding vocabulary to glossary

5 : Oct 9 - 13


- Taking a quiz on vocabulary and grammar

-Catching up

No class on Thursday

6 : Oct 16 - 20

-Writing a letter to the editor

-Parts of a letter to the editor


-Likes / Dislikes



-Reading different letters to the editors in online magazines (groups of 4 students read the same, get together in chat to discuss characteristics)


-Saving chat – posting to Moodle forum


-Posting characteristics to forum in Moodle or wiki??


-Reading characteristics found by other groups


-Discussing main characteristics found by all groups(content and grammar)


-Creating a mind map with what they liked and disliked about the article read in week 5


-Posting mind map to wiki


-Writing a letter to the editor of the magazine stating their likes and dislikes.


-Posting letter to wiki


-Recording comments on article


-Adding vocabulary to glossary in Moodle

7 : Oct 23 - 27

- Designing a house /or a public area

-Using 3-D architecture studio to design a house –


-Taking screenshots of images from different planes


-Writing description of house – publish both to wiki


-Recording description of the house in Podomatic


-Writing comments to classmates work


-Adding vocabulary to glossary in Moodle

8 : Oct 30- Nov. 3

-Video or podcast from an online magazine

-Completing Pre-listening/viewing activities


-Completing while listening/viewing activities


-Completing post-listening/viewing


–Writting a summary


-Recording summary using Podomatic


-Adding vocabulary to glossary

9 : Nov 6 - 10

-Parts of a magazine


-Comparison and contrast: online vs. printed magazines


-Crossword or any other online game



-Analyzing different online magazines (in pairs or triads)


-Discussing parts of magazine in chat


-Saving chat and posting it to forum in Moodle


-Discussing of main sections found in all magazines (whole class)


-Comparing and contrasting printed magazines and online ones


–Creating a Venn Diagram in class


–Composing the comparison in a recording in podomatic (it could also be a discussion in pairs)


-Taking screenshot and posting them to wiki


-Creating a crossword puzzle related to arch / urban planning

10 : Nov 13 - 17

-Designing an online magazine

-Preparing final project: online magazine using wiki


–Discussing the sections a magazine should contain – material prepared during this course can be part of the content (ads, letters to editor, house description, crossword, etc).


-Taking a quiz on vocabulary and grammar

11: Nov 20 - 24

-Preparation of Final Projects

-Preparing final projects:

12: Nov 27 –Dec 1

-Presentation of Projects

-Presentating final projects in Alado or LT with international guests


-Completing self-evaluation and course evaluation


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