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Final Project: Instructions


Instructions for your final projects: Designing an e-zine



Creating your wiki

1. Create a wiki at Wikispaces

  • Login to your account
  • Click on Make a new space (left upper corner of the page)
  • Give your space a name (don´t make it long since it will be your wiki URL, like this:

    http:// name.wikispaces.com

  • Make your wiki Protected free (the second option): Everyone can view pages, only space members can edit them
  • These video tutorials will help you customize your wiki:


a. Look and Feel- Personalize your space

b. Personal settings


  • Invite me to your wiki:


- Go to Manage Space, then to Members and permissions,

- Scroll down the page to: Invite a new member. Write my e-mail address or my username: Daf

- Click on Add Member


Content for your e-zine


1 Name of magazine and logo (in the front or home page)

2 About us (in the navigation bar). Here you will include:

  • Description of magazine
  • Recording of description

3 Sponsors (in the navigation bar). Here you will include:

  • Display ad
  • Audio commercial
  • SitePal text-to-speech (optional)

4 Famous works (in the navigation bar). (the images you have in your wiki pages)

5 Reviews (in the navigation bar). Here you will add:

  • Article summary
  • Article summary recording
  • Video-Podcast summary (to be done in week 10)
  • Video-Podcast recording

6 BMI Design (in the navigation bar). Here you will have:

  • Descriptive paragraph with the picture described
  • Recording of descriptive paragraph
  • The space you designed in 3D Studio or Sketch-Up, in Bubble share which includes: screenshots, descriptive text and recording.

7 Letters to the editor (in the navigation bar). Include here the letter with your opinion about an article (to be done in week 10)

8 Glossary (in the navigation bar). This is a list of words you have used and learned during this trimester.

9 Editorial (in the navigation bar). Here you will write about the process of creating this magazine during this trimester in your English class.


This means that you will have 8 links in your navigation bar. You can add more pages :-)





You will be evaluated by your teacher and your classmates with this checklist

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