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Final Presentations



Presenting online

Our students presented their final projects (online magazines) to English for architecture students in Paris, France, at Alado.


Thanks Moira and Moira's students for being with us :-)


Here's the presentation. There were some problems with the projection of the pages :-(



Click on the image


Students' magazines

These were the magazines presented




Students working in class


Moira and her students




Comments made by Moiras's students


Emeline Bartnik

I’m student in the Paris Malaquais School in fourth year. I like these studies because I learn lots of things every day. To put it in a nutshell, I think that it is a good experience, I would like to play the same “game” from the other side. Are you agreeing?

I was interested by your work, your « English » was very good, but sometimes I didn’t understand because you speak too speed, my English is not very good. So it’s difficult for me. So I preferred to read your work. The images were good because you are in two years of Architecture. When I was in this year I drew with the hands not with the computer.


Cécile Courtois

Ola todos !

I liked a lot your presentation. It was a little bit messy because of the webconferencing technology but I enjoyed the house imagined in the woods.

I think it’s a hard work for second year students to work on 3D program.

When we were in second year, we didn’t know how to use architectural programs !

Thanks to Juan for his jokes !




Cristie Blazkowski

Hi, my name is Cristie. I’m in fourth year of architecture. I’ve followed your presentation last week and I was very impressed by your work. In my opinion it was very brave to do this presentation in real time. I think I’ll not be able to do that because I’m too shy. It was an interessant experience like a social one.

You’ve done a very good work. Your level in hignty is very high I think because you’re just in second year. All the projects were very interessants. Congratulation for their presentations and good luck for your next trimester.


Basile Solignac

I am a old student of twenty six year old. I have to work my English because I have a big career in the back of the class. It will be nice to exchange with you.

I like architecture; the way to organise subject for human's use. In this time I work on the durable development for an office block. I also learn of light-structure and I make some research about the theatre's building. (My teacher is wonderful ;). Have a nice day."


Mathilde Adam

Sorry I wasn't there, I didn't see the presentation but I heard about it. The others persons in my class found your work. The presentation is very interesting. At the moment I am working on my project in Paris. My project talks about public spaces and the special reorganisation of the city square.

Good Bye and see you later


Mélanie Onillon

My name is Mélanie. I am a student in the fourth year of architecture. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there during your webconferencing because, last week, I had a lot of homework. I prepared my presentation of my project. My friends told me about your intervention and I think it is very brave in your part to have explained your work to French students.

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